Thursday, September 28, 2006

Weekend's Almost Here!!!!

Well its Thursday, Mom and Dad have been busy this week. They trade off on getting me at daycare, and tomorrow is my big girl day. I get a dog walker on Tues & Fri. Mom says that these are my days to show that I am a good big girl and not a baby anymore. I am doing mega wicked good. This weekend she is going to scout out a new class for me since I graduated puppy school last week. It's a class called "Good Manners". I think I have them (good manners) but always a refresher class is good. Maybe there will be some cute boy dogs!!

Thats it for now, pretty boring week for me.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Super Sultry Look - Like it??

Monday, September 25, 2006

Got the Case Of the Monday?

Well I don't. I am at daycare today, and snuck away to type a little something. We were mega wicked late for daycare this am because Mom and Dad decided to go to the Patriots game last night with Uncle Jeff. They got home really late, but I was soooo excited to see them when they got home!!! We all snoozed but they were tired this morning. Mom even said "Hey, lets be late for work and sleep in 45 more minutes". And we did, such a good Mom. Weekend was pretty mellow. I have my last puppy school class next week. I did mega wicked good on Saturday with my loose leash walking. Mom got me some salmon to add to my kibble. She said the Omega 3 oils are really good for my coat. Since I am a Professional Puppy Dog Eyes Model, I thought this was mighty nice of her. So I have her tons and tons of kisses. I have decided that I love when Mom goes grocery shopping. She always gets Daddy a treat and me too. I especially like it because half the time Daddy shares his, but we do not tell Mom or we'd both be in the dog house. Well that's it, gotta go back to playing with my dog friends.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Doggie Days....

Well last night there was not too much celebration for my 6 month b-day. I was pooped. Dad picked me up from daycare and that was a treat since he has been gone all week with work. I was sooooo tired that I slept the whole ride home. Mom gave me an extra special dinner and then guess what? I could not pick my head up off to even say thank you! So that pretty much sums up my evening.

Today Daddy stayed home with me, he needs a break from work. So today is our day. We plan on sleeping in while Mom works (ha ha ha) and then make her a nice dinner. We have to go to bed early tonight because tomorrow morning I have Puppy School and need to beat Mandy on my stunts. I have slight A.D.D., but nothing that freeze dried liver will not cure! Well thats all for now! Happy Friday !!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Happy 6 Month B-Day To Me!!!!

(This is Me at 12 Weeks)

Well today I am 6 months old. I cannot believe it. It just seems like yesterday I was a little brindle egg head playing with my littermates. Go figure! Well today I am at daycare playing with my friends and Mom & Dad said tonight they are taking me to The Healthy Animal for some treats and a new toy. I say forget the toy, bring on the treats!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My New Page ~

Hi Everyone, its the Banana! Just trying to figure this thing out so I can get it up and running. Its hard with four paws, give me some time!!!