Friday, January 12, 2007

New Year -Welcome 2007

This is me after writing my Feb Column - I'm Pooped!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I am starting 2007 with a bang! Mom and I have been working really hard on my new column for the Pet Gazette. Last month was our first column in print. I was mega-wicked excited to see my name, Hanna Banana in the newpaper!!! We have heard a lot of good comments about our article and just submitted our February column. Its cool.

Mom and Dad got me a personal trainer - not that I am over weight and need it for exercise, but to fine tune some training with me. We are using the clicker and its working wonders. Mom and Dad also learned a lot of what they do that makes me think I can do things, which I should not. But I really really like to countersurf mom. I have been told that this is unacceptable. They said it can hurt me by jumping up there. I personally just thing they do not want to share their food.

Anyway, its getting cold, and I am really really looking forward to snow. I have never seen it. I see it on TV but I want to get out there and make dog-angles! ha ha ha. If and when its snows, I will take pictures. Mom said yellow snow is not cool, and to stay away. Snow is only good to eat in its white form. She is sooo smart.


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What a very cute pink Princess pillow!

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