Wednesday, November 29, 2006

T-Giving Gone Bring on X-Mass

I am ready, I have been preparing to give my "sad dog " look to mom and dad because I want a mega wicked lot of presents this year. How was your turkey day? I tried some green beans, was not a big fan but the Turkey was Yum-a-roo!

Enough on turkey day lets get to the real holiday, Christmas. I want tons of stuff. Leaving hints around the house, I hope mom and dad get them. I am sooo excited, I want three Cuz balls, 85 bully sticks, a 40lb bag of Canidae, a new bed, four new collars and leashes (I am a fashionista), and a lot of treats!!!

Think they can handle that? I hope so!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I am getting Big

I hit a big 8 months next week. Wow, can you believe it, 8 months! Woooo Whooooo! Only a little more time left until my first birthday. Then I will be a mega wicked big girl.

Nothing much going on, I got a new friend - Murphy. He is an 11 week old Chocolate Lab. Mom and Dad's friends picked him up this week and brough him over to visit. He is little like I was and he was very shy. I am going to give him some time and he will come around. He is very pretty. Gotta run for now, football is almost on!!!