Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bouncing Back!

Well I have bounced back!! Mom and Dad said no daycare for me this week because they want my incision to heal before I go play hard with all my friends. So I have been in the house all week. No fun man. Although Suz my dogwalker has come to visit me and letting me out for a potty break. Today was super special too. Mom left work early to come and spend the afternoon with me. We went to the Healthy Animal, got some food and new bones, they gave me a cookie, then we went to the bank, they gave me a cookie, and then to Petsmart to enroll me in puppy 2 school, guess what, I got a cookie. Mom called me her cookie monster today, but to tell you the truth, the only cookie I acutally ate was the one they gave me at the Healthy Animal. It was a baseball and half dipped in yogurt. Yogurt....yummmy, thanks mummy!!!

Well Sunday, I start puppy school again, we saw Lisa today and there is a full class. That is megga wicked cool - new friends!!! And Monday I can go back to daycare! I wonder if all my friends there missed me. I miss them. Granted we run around and play, but I miss their drama. Henry is getting married on 10-31, (Halloween) and I am sure he is a nervous wreck!!! I am going to that wedding and mom said I can get a new collar for the event. Whooo hoooo!!!

Anyway, gotta run mom needs the computer to log into our new Boxer forum. If you have not checked it out, stop on by - tell them the Banana sent ya!!!


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